On the side, I am a corporate junkie. I've been highly successful in a career of technology consulting, leading large corporate clients through multi-million dollar transformations. After working long days and frequently on business trips, you would think that teaching yoga would be the last thing I would want to do. Yoga has opened up so many channels for self-discovery and creating a space for self-care, which many people (and a former me used to) lack. Yoga helps me to be more productive at work and find true balance in my priorities. As a yoga teacher, I wish to share my work-life balance experience and inspire those around me to integrate yoga in their daily lives, no matter how hectic those can be.

I've been lucky to lead others on their mindfulness journey. I use my experience at the intersection of wellness and corporate careers to shed light on what self-care and physical & mental ease can look like for each individual. Join me in class or send me a message to learn how I can help your company!